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8 Great Smarts

8 Great Smarts

“You think I’m smart? Really? You mean I shouldn’t let kids call me stupid? Which of the 8 smarts do I have a lot of?”
5 Core Needs

5 Core Needs

“I can see how my unhealthy identity is causing relationship issues and doubts about my future. I want to learn more.”
No Perfect Kids

No Perfect Kids

“I do want to raise the kids we were given and not the kids we wish we had. Thank you for your help!”
Tech Savvy Kids

Tech Savvy Kids

“I had no idea my kids’ negative beliefs and behaviors were caused by the technology they use. This is so eye-opening!”

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    Could Technology Be the Biggest Threat to Our Kids’ Faith?

    Could Technology Be the Biggest Threat to Our Kids’ Faith? Certainly, the host of intellectual challenges our young people face are a threat to their faith, such as the atheistic arguments of a college professor or the anti-Christian views of a secular culture. But how


    ‘Adult’ is Not a Verb: Helping Young People Spread Their Wings

    ‘Adult’ is Not a Verb: Helping Young People Spread Their Wings There’s a new word touted by Webster that exposes a crisis in our culture of generational proportions. It’s been called a lot of things: “Peter Pan Syndrome” or my favorite, “failure to launch,” but whatever the

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    Developing Real Relationships

    Developing Real Relationships   We do want relationships. So do our teens and children. Relationships, which can mature to friendships, start with noticing the people around us and engaging them in conversations. But, that’s a dying art because of texting, social media, and self-centeredness. So


    Developing Friendship with the 8 Great Smarts

    How are you doing? What have you been thinking about lately? Maybe your kids and their friends are on your mind since another school year is upon us. Many parents I talk with ask questions about how to help their children with relationships. They can

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    What’s Your Child’s Social Identity?

    “How are you?” If you read my last three blogs, you’re beginning to understand that this question that we are often asked, and that we ask our children, isn’t simple. If your son answers while thinking of his intellectual identity, he might answer great! But,


    Processing Feelings With The 8 Great Smarts

    On Monday, I shared about the importance of helping children develop a healthy emotional identity. Just two days before, I had shared at a convention that children can use their 8 great smarts to process feelings well. I share this every time I teach about

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