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8 Great Smarts – Multiple Intelligences


“Stupid! I’m so dumb! I just made another mistake.”

“I can’t do that. It’s too hard!”

“If I was smart, I could figure this out. Then I wouldn’t get into trouble again.”

All children – and adults, for that matter – need to know they are smart. It’s a power word and a powerful concept. And, it’s realistic because everyone is smart!

Eight SmartsA question children shouldn’t need to ask is, “Am I smart?” because the answer is always, “yes.” If they’re asking this question, it’s because they’re doubting themselves, have been made to feel stupid by something or someone, and need to be encouraged.

A second question Dr. Kathy understands, and wishes fewer children would ask is, “How smart am I?” because it indicates a desire to compare. These children may only feel smart and good about themselves when they feel smarter and superior to other children. It allows and even encourages the bully language and attitude of “I’m smarter than you are!”

Children need to know they ARE smart and understand HOW they are smart so they can BE smart!

That’s why Dr. Kathy loves teaching children, teens, teachers, and parents about multiple intelligences. We all need to know HOW we are smart so we can stop making unwise decisions so we can fulfill our purpose. There’s so much more! Children need to know how they are smart so they’ll believe in themselves and, therefore, take school and all of life more joyfully.

Howard Gardner’s researched model of multiple intelligences is rich and provides great insights. Dr. Kathy’s practical and thorough take on the topic will encourage you!

Have you read Dr. Koch’s book, 8 Great Smarts Discover and Nurture Your Child’s Intelligences? It’s an important tool to help children and adults recognize and value a treasure trove of giftedness that may lie unrecognized and underutilized. A re-release of How Am I Smart by Moody Publishing in March 2016, Dr. Koch’s book turns the theory of multiple intelligences into a readable, understandable, and useful tool to help children and adults make the most of their “smarts.” ?? Learn more!

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