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Authentic Life

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Celebrate Kids, Inc. and EvanTell,
Offer Authentic Life Training

Core Needs Focused Pregnancy Center Evangelism Training

At the recent Care Net National Pregnancy Center Conference, Dr. Kathy Koch, PhD., founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc. and Mary Margaret Gibson, Ministry Director of EvanTell’s Save the Mother, Save her Child (SMSC) formally launched Authentic Life.  Authentic Life training is focused on each person’s core needs and combined with Evantell’s evangelism training, will expand and enrich a center’s abilities to serve millennial women, men, and families.

Understanding Core Needs is a profound key to personal understanding. The longing for healthy security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence are common to all people – built into us by a loving God who longs for us to satisfy our deepest needs in relationship with Him. Absent a relationship with God, people struggle in the world, often choosing inappropriate or unhealthy behaviors in the hope of satisfying these deep needs.

Dr. Koch’s book, Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness, describes the Core Needs in detail  and is the reference resource for Authentic Life.  The illustration below shows that our core needs relate to important life issues, and to each other.



Authentic Life training enables informed, transparent, “heart connection” communication with people who may struggle with one of these issues and need emotional, physical, and spiritual support.

In circumstances where serious conversation may be awkward for a person, discussing core needs helps a client think about why she or he may have chosen inappropriate ways to meet deep needs.  Conversation can lead to a presentation of the Gospel based on her stated need, in a way that she can relate it to her life. The grace of non-judgmental conversation can lead to important spiritual and emotional topics and decisions.  To support these topics, Evantell has created unique Authentic Life evangelism and discipleship materials and tools which align with the  needs of millennial clients (ages 18-34), and the younger upcoming generation.

This program is available for purchase from  our online store here.

Full explanation of program curriculum AuthenticLife ExplanationForPurchaseUpdated4-3-17

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