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Body Smart

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

When using the body-smart part of the brain, we think with movement and touch. The evidence of body intelligence can be seen in large motor and/or small motor skills and interests. We are talented in controlling our body movements and/or in handling objects skillfully. We may enjoy physical pursuits like walking, sports, dancing, acting, or camping and/or we may be skilled at activities like sewing, carpentry, or model-building.

Bodily-Kinesthetic IntelligenceWhat body-smart people enjoy:
Moving, touching, keeping hands busy, action, playing sports, watching sports, dancing, doing crafts, puppetry, cooking, building things, playing video games, moving to music and/or playing certain instruments, chewing gum, …

If it’s a strength or we want to strengthen it, we need:
Self-control, self-respect, respect for others, freedom to move purposefully and productively (can result in less movement that’s distracting), physical education, exercise, sports, training in sports, acting, drama, charades, demonstrations, field trips, hands-on manipulatives, investigate with hands, receive touch, …

Suggestions for teaching and learning:
Every student response (thumbs up for even answer and thumbs down for odd, stand up when finished, etc.), sky writing, write at the board, clap math facts, manipulatives, time to explore things with their hands, pacing w/clipboard, bean bag chairs and rocking chairs in the back of the room, use gestures and move especially when students can’t, use coaching language and ideas even when teaching academic tasks, …

Healthy/Positive uses:
Developing and using flexibility, dexterity, and coordination to help others, develop talent, offer to do physical chores and service, comfort others with hugs and encourage them with “high fives,” become a mechanic, coach, orchestra conductor, physical therapist, camping director, …

Unhealthy/Negative uses:
Physical bullying, punching, wrestling, moving too much, not sitting still when they need to, distracting others, easy to become the “class clown,” …

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