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Life Coaching – Celebrate Kids Style

Nancy Matheis, CCPMost parents and teachers can take Dr. Kathy’s ideas and solutions and run with them, taking new steps and making appropriate changes. Others have a harder time changing their situation even though they want to apply the new ideas. It might be that old baggage needs to be dealt with or they just need some ongoing support. Or, by thinking about Kathy’s insights and working to apply the solutions, they discover more in their lives that needs to be worked on. In order to help these people, Celebrate Kids has Nancy Matheis on staff as the Life Coach.

As a former athletic coach, Dr. Kathy understands the difference between teaching, parenting, and coaching. She often recommends that teachers and parents coach children because coaches tend to divide complex tasks into manageable pieces. Coaches know there are benefits of practicing one element of the whole until proficiency results. Coaches know learning sticks especially when athletes figure things out on their own within a designated framework. Coaches know improvement over time leads to victories. They understand effort and perseverance are necessary. Now, imagine having a coach for life’s challenges, and not just for basketball.

Nancy Matheis, CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and Founder of Beyond Now Life Coaching, is the Celebrate Kids Life Coach. Kathy chose her for several reasons. They’ve known each other for more than ten years and Nancy has worked for Celebrate Kids for more than four. Nancy and Kathy share the same philosophies about life, learning, and teaching. Like Kathy, Nancy is a difference maker and a life changer. She’s a certified Personal Life Coach and former athletic coach, teacher, and administrator.

Because Nancy is deeply familiar with Dr. Kathy’s ideas and teaching topics, she’ll understand questions triggered by her teaching. And of course, she can also be your coach if your questions aren’t related to what Dr. Kathy taught you. Maybe you just want to grow and discover more of your life. Great!

In a coaching session, priorities are set and positive change happens as Nancy asks questions and listens to your story. Other topics often arise as progress is made. Rediscovering your true self through self-evaluation and reflection is a valuable part of coaching. Nancy will help you move beyond disappointment and grief so negative feelings and unhealthy attitudes don’t hold you back. Because coaching has a practical, action focus, you will move Beyond Now and be encouraged by your progress.

Nancy will facilitate your journey of discovery, help you evaluate your options, and guide you toward completion of your goals. It’s important to note that as a life coach, Nancy will not provide you with an analysis of your situation, a diagnosis, or therapy like a counselor might.

Life coaching gives you the confidence and ability to move forward in a positive manner in other areas of life where you crave change. It’s about breaking down the obstacles which prevent change from happening, and creating the ideal environment so positive actions occur.

Contact Nancy at LifeCoach @ CelebrateKids.com

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