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MI Friendly Curriculum

Using multiple intelligences is a fabulous way to learn. Dr. Kathy is often asked if there are any curricula that intentionally use the eight ways people learn in their planning. We have begun a list of these learning aides and courses that we feel use the multiple intelligences well in their activities and assignments.

We trust you and your children are helped with this. And, as always, if you have a curriculum that you think should be included, please contact us.

Math“Multiplication the Fun Way” by City Creek Press

Vocabulary“Marie’s Words

Social Studies“History Revealed” by Diana Waring

Bible “Picture Smart Bible” by Dan Peters

“Multiplication the Fun Way” from City Creek Press

“Multiplication the Fun Way” from City Creek Press is an example of teaching something with several intelligences at the same time. Because each math fact is taught with logic, word, and picture smarts, it’s more likely children will learn and remember their facts. Dr. Kathy uses this as an example of a multiple intelligence friendly curriculum.

For each fact, there’s a brief, memorable story and clever picture. Students without logic-smart strengths will especially benefit as they think with two additional smarts. For addition and multiplication, you can purchase story books, flash cards, student books with practice pages, and teacher’s guides. It’s available on CDs for interactive help and new songs have been created to further help kids learn their facts through the addition of music-smart involvement. For help with subtraction and division, you can purchase flash cards that use the same pictures and stories used for addition and multiplication.

For example, picture two bright orange sixes sweating as they’re walking through the desert. What’s 6×6? Thirsty-six. Get it? 6×6 = 36.

More examples are on their website, where you can purchase the parts of the program that will help you and your children. It’s used by many homeschool families and by children who are struggling to learn the facts in their schools. This program can increase enjoyment when practicing math facts and memory at home. It may be ideal to use in the summer so your children don’t forget the facts they learned.


Marie’s Words
Picture Words – In a Flash

We recommend “Marie’s Words” for children who struggle to learn new vocabulary. These 550 vocabulary cards were specifically designed to help students expand their vocabulary for tests like the SAT, ACT, and GRE.

Are your children quickly bored or overwhelmed? They’ll be able to use their word, logic, and picture smarts when learning vocabulary with these cards. Don’t wait, though. You can start using some of the cards when your children are younger to enrich their writing and speaking.

Each card has a word and clever and helpful picture on one side. The other side has the pronunciation, definition, uses it in a meaningful sentence, synonyms, and antonyms.

For example, “fanatical” is written with “fan” in one color and the rest of the word in another. The picture shows a boy dressed in a shirt advertising his team and team banners on the wall. It’s defined simply as “overenthusiastic” and used in this sentence: “Dressed in blue and gold, the fanatical football fan brought everything with his team’s colors.” Synonyms are fervent, impassioned, and rabid. Antonyms are disinterested, dispassionate, and impartial.

More examples are on their website, where you can purchase the cards or an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. The app includes audio pronunciations of the words.


 “History Revealed” – Diana Waring

Too often “education” is a one size fits all box and you are left trying to stuff your child inside.

But what if instead of being a box, education was an open door to a world of discovery and adventure?

We believe that education is an adventure waiting to happen!
Unbelievable you say? Unachievable you insist?! Well, get ready to think differently!

That’s what Diana Waring’s History Revealed curriculum is all about…helping you make learning an adventure!

The three foundational principles upon which Diana Waring’s History Revealed curriculum is built are… (go to website for more!)


Freeing Teachers, Empowering Students, and Seeing God’s Heart.

Picture-Smart Bible by Dan Peters

Picture-Smart Bible

The Picture-Smart Bible is an innovative approach to “seeing” Scripture as a total entity. This Genesis-to-Revelation course is designed to help participants learn, remember and teach the themes and concepts in each book of the Bible and have fun in the process! It helps students of all ages see how the whole Bible fits together.

When your children are finished drawing through a book of the Bible, they will have both an illustration to save and an imprint on their minds to remember.

Pictures work in these Bible lessons because they honor the picture-smart intelligence that all children and adults are created with. This is one of eight smarts we can use when teaching and learning.

Children with picture-smart or spatial strengths naturally think in pictures with their eyes. Because our young generation has been raised with visually engaging digital technology, many of them have this strength. That’s why the Bible activities using this approach are perfect for them.


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