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Mind Styles™ Matter

Mind Styles™ A Unique One Day Event

For Parents, Teachers, Couples, Leaders, … Everyone!

[Six-hours minimum needed for instruction, not including breaks and lunch.]

Dr. Kathy Koch believes knowing about Mind Styles™ can increase your success and lead to great breakthroughs. Your Mind Style™ explains how you relate to people and tasks and how you process thoughts and feelings. You’ll learn why you prefer what you prefer, why some things are easy and hard, why people do things the way they do, and why you occasionally have conflicts with others.

Because leaders, ministry staff, teachers, and others interact with a variety of people, each will benefit from this unique experience. Of course, everyone needs to manage tasks well, too. This is another reason this day is powerful. It’s been life-changing for couples, whether their marriage is solid or on shaky ground.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Kathy can make applications to a variety of issues. If leaders primarily attend, you’ll learn applications to leading, following, teaching, learning, decision making, and spiritual growth. Applications to relationships in the church, community, and home will always be naturally included. Learn how to appeal to all people and all parts of their minds so you’re understood and ideas are remembered and applied.

Your Mind Style™ will help you see your strengths, challenges, preferences, and goals in new light. You can learn how to shift and work from whatever part of your mind will allow you to be successful for different tasks and people. This is extremely freeing and empowering. This is one of the best self-discovery trainings you’ll ever experience. Most likely, some will report truly understanding, valuing, and liking themselves more than ever before. Of course, this benefits them personally. But, they’ll also now be much more effective team members.

Your Mind Style™ and this training also helps you truly appreciate others for their strengths. Loving people in ways they can best receive it will empower your relationships. Communicating and teaching to all four parts of a person’s mind will become possible. You’ll learn what information must be included and what questions each part of the mind wants answered. This is one of the best team building experiences you’ll ever have.

People consistently report that this assessment and training has much more explanatory power than the DISC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality assessment, and spiritual gift inventories. Plus, the day is just a fun, relaxed day full of many ah-ha moments to clarify things that happened in your past and increase success for today and tomorrow. Personal relationships can be greatly enhanced.

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