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People Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence

When using the people-smart part of the brain, we think with people. When it’s a strength, we’re able to discern and then respond to moods, intentions, and desires of others. Therefore, we tend to be leaders. We have the ability (for good or bad) to get inside another person and view the world from that individual’s perspective.

Interpersonal IntelligenceWhat people-smart people enjoy:
People, talking with people, interacting, brainstorming, sharing what we know, cooperative learning, observing people, leading teaching, organizing, relating, mediating, partying, enthusiasm, …

If it’s a strength or we want to strengthen it, we need:
Friends, people who can become friends, mentors, time to talk with others to process ideas and make decisions, freedom to think and question, someone to ask questions to clarify thinking, slow judgment, cooperation, …

Suggestions for teaching and learning:
Use “Think-Pair-Share” type activities, use small groups, assign study groups, use question/answer discussions and ask for people’s opinions, ask questions to help us finalize thoughts, give us opportunities to persuade others, use some dramatics and excellent facial expressions and voice inflection, role play, …

Healthy/Positive uses:
Motivate, encourage, inspire, correct well, counsel, teach, build consensus, have many friends, network, become teachers, pastors, counselors, negotiators, politicians, lawyers, social workers, receptionists, personnel directors, …

Unhealthy/Negative uses:
Manipulate, cheat, can get into trouble when ignored or feeling lonely and left out, …

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