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Picture Smart

Spatial Intelligence

When using the picture-smart part of the brain, we think with visuals and our eyes. People who are picture smart are very sensitive to visual details. We have the ability to observe, transform, and re-create different aspects of the visual-spatial world.

Spatial IntelligenceWhat picture-smart people enjoy:
Art, drawing, painting, creating, designing, crafts, visualizing, doodling, imagining, decorating, dressing up, drama, watching, fiction, history, creative writing, photography, humor, beauty, legos and other toys to build and design with, “I Spy” books, …

If it’s a strength or we want to strengthen it, we need:
Demonstrations, displays, time to examine things with our eyes, time to enjoy visuals, descriptive words to help us form pictures in our mind, time to form visuals, opportunity to talk about visuals in our mind, freedom to doodle, drawings of key points and vocabulary words, outlet for our creativity, …

Suggestions for teaching and learning:
Charts, diagrams, maps, use color on charts, use color often, (make all b’s blue for a while if a child gets b’s and d’s confused, highlight main ideas in yellow), ask if answer looks right, dioramas, humor, drama, show and tell (share and ask), draw definitions of words, field trips, art museums, shapes, geometry, allow time to study things with our eyes, “close your eyes and see,” …

Healthy/Positive uses:
Create beautiful things, decorate home or host parties for self and others, design invitations, become a hairstylist, personal shopper, interior decorator, art teacher, architect, engineer, …

Unhealthy/Negative uses:
Judge a book by it cover, only see negative details, distracted by what is seen, watch inappropriate movies, look at inappropriate picture and/or website, doodle constantly even when told not to, …

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