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Who Do I Trust?

How would children and teens you know answer this key question representing our need for security? How would you like them to be able to answer it? How do you answer it?

Children/Teens need to be able to trust themselves to do the right things right even when no one is looking. They must know a standard for right from wrong and be taught how and why to live it. This is best and easiest when there are many trustworthy adults and peers in their lives who they can depend on during good times and bad.

We caution young people about putting security in things like their reputation, grades, looks, and popularity. We teach about three dimensions of security: being trustworthy so others can put their security in us, finding and depending on people we can trust, and self-security. Therefore, we provide motivation and instruction related to being consistent, dependable, responsible, honest, and discerning. We’ll also cover how and why to rebuild trust when necessary.

Teens and children without healthy security tend to be excessively shy, exhibit fears and nervous symptoms, and resent and challenge authority.

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