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Self Smart

Intrapersonal Intelligence

When using the self-smart part of the brain, we think with reflection. People strong in this smart can use our self-understanding to enrich and guide our lives. We tend to enjoy quiet times of deep soul-searching. We are fiercely independent, highly goal-directed, and intensely self-disciplined.

Intrapersonal IntelligenceWhat self-smart people enjoy:
Time alone, choices, freedom, own opinions, secrets, thinking deeply, …

If it’s a strength or we want to strengthen it, we need:
Privacy, space, peace, quiet, time to think deeply, time to explain their ideas, …

Suggestions for teaching and learning:
Let us learn and study alone when possible, give us time to think deeply (a minute in class and 24 hours overnight), give us time to explain our ideas, give choices, use self-paced projects, use individualized instruction, use diaries/journals, connect topics to personal lives, say things like “close your eyes and think of a time when…”, …

Healthy/Positive uses:
We know what we know. produce original and unique work, disciplined, content when alone, we can become authors, inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, personal trainers, …

Unhealthy/Negative uses:
Not sharing what we know, not sharing things, too opinionated, not teachable, self-centered, …

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