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Teens and Children

Topics for Children/Teens/Youth

(e.g., Christian school chapels, College Bible colleges, church youth groups, public school assemblies [some of them])


Created To Be

As Dr. Kathy shares her story, teens and children will be able to see their strengths, challenges, and life goals more clearly. They’ll ponder questions like, “Why was I created?” and “Who am I and who am I becoming?” Kathy’s Chatty-Kathy, too-tall, spelling-doesn’t-come-naturally, low-voice reality and how she became comfortable with it all will inspire them and give them hope if they’re discouraged. Her humor is disarming and the truths are undeniable. You are who you are supposed to be!


Eaglelike Excellence

With Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to get dissatisfied and overwhelmed as it appears perfection is supposed to be the goal. It’s not! Come be renewed by God’s expectations. They’re better and more achievable than you might realize. From Dr. Kathy’s sharing about eagles, you’ll be reminded that we need eaglelike courage, energy, strength, hope, and vision in order to achieve the appropriate goal of excellence.


Net-Dropping:  The Choice to Become a Disciple

Jesus Christ says to each person, “Come, follow Me.” But, some of us think more about following God’s commands than following God. That’s a mistake. Jesus says, “Follow Me.” But, how? In rich detail, Kathy will explain a key decision that must be made in order to fully follow Christ. This relevant and important message will meet needs wherever you are on your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged and challenged to further spiritual maturity.


Psalm 23A Psalm to Live By

Like others, you might think you know Psalm 23. But, do you really? Perhaps you’ve memorized it, but do you understand all the rich messages that are relevant for today’s quick-paced times? The Shepherd makes us, leads us, restores us . . . the verbs are so vivid and comforting. And, have you paid attention to the places? The sheep don’t just spend time in a valley! You’ll enjoy and greatly benefit from Dr. Kathy’s dynamic, practical, and accurate phrase-by-phrase teaching of this Psalm to live by.


Single Now:  Being Content in My Today

Kathy believes that if the single life was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for her. Kathy details other reasons she is content and more than satisfied as a single adult and concludes with an exhortation. After listening, you may agree that singleness can be celebrated. If not, that’s okay. You’ll still be encouraged. God may meet your needs through Kathy’s refreshing perspective, comforting sensitivity to people’s discouragement and doubts, practical ideas, helpful interpretation of Scripture, and humorous stories. You may even laugh at yourself.


Technology’s Power Over Beliefs and Behaviors: Reasons Why and Things to Try

Today’s teenagers and children are amazing. They’re bright, creative, and concerned about the world’s problems. These are among the most positive effects of technology. It’s also likely that the Internet, search engines, instant-everything, rebooting, and more are negatively influencing their beliefs and behaviors. Are we and they defined more by patience or impatience, contentment or entitlement, other-centeredness or self-centeredness? You get the idea. Teens/Young adults will benefit from understanding five technology lies and practical and realistic things they can do to live healthier lives of contentment and joy.


Your Brain: Living Better and Learning More with the 8 Great Smarts

Everyone has eight intelligences that can be awakened, strengthened, and used when living and learning. Each smart will be defined and explained so you can determine which ones are strengths and which ones you might want to awaken further. You’ll learn how they’re related to learning, relationships, behavior, relaxing, careers, and spiritual growth. Dr. Kathy’s illustrations will make the content come alive and cause you to laugh.


Under the Influence: Who Are You Following?

We all should want to grow and mature in our faith and all aspects of life. Are we? We better pay attention to the people we’re following because we become like them. Have you discovered that? Maybe the hard way? Kathy will share a very practical and enjoyable method of regularly determining who you’re following. Through it, you’ll think uniquely about your goals and who God has given you who could help you meet them. We must not try to live in isolation!

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