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Women’s Seminars

Women’s Seminars

(Seminars For Women, Seminars for Moms, Retreats for Women)

Seminars for Women

These talks work great as stand-alone sessions for women coming together for a night of encouragement, a women’s Bible study time, a special outreach for single women, and more. Several work well for mother-daughter events and Mother’s Day celebrations.

Also, several of these sessions can be selected to form a women’s retreat instead of the retreats I explain below. Or, if your retreat does breakout sessions in addition to large-group times, these can be effective sessions to go along with one of my retreats.


Created To Be

As Dr. Kathy shares her story, women will be able to see their strengths, challenges, and life goals more clearly. They’ll ponder questions like, “Why was I created?” and “Who am I and who am I becoming?” Kathy’s Chatty-Kathy, too-tall, spelling-is-hard, low-voice reality and how she became comfortable with it all will inspire women in all ages and stages of life and give them hope if they’re discouraged. Her humor is disarming and the truths are undeniable. You are who you are supposed to be!


Eaglelike Excellence

Pinterest. Pictures on Facebook. The Cooking Channel. Your mother’s expectations. Your own. It’s easy to get dissatisfied and overwhelmed as it appears perfection is supposed to be the goal. It’s not! Come be renewed by God’s expectations. They’re better and more achievable than you might realize. From Kathy’s sharing about eagles, you’ll be reminded that we need eaglelike courage, energy, strength, hope, and vision in order to achieve the appropriate goal of excellence. [Parts of this topic are included in the first retreat described below.]


Net-Dropping:  The Choice to Become a Disciple

Jesus Christ says to each person, “Come, follow Me.” But, some of us think more about following God’s commands than following God. That’s a mistake. Jesus says, “Follow Me.” But, how? In rich detail, Kathy will explain a key decision that must be made in order to fully follow Christ. This relevant and important message will meet needs wherever you are on your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged and challenged to further spiritual maturity. [Parts of this topic are included in the first retreat described below.]


Psalm 23A Psalm to Live By

Like others, you might think you know Psalm 23. But, do you really? Perhaps you’ve memorized it, but do you understand all the rich messages that are relevant for today’s quick-paced times? The Shepherd makes us, leads us, restores us . . . the verbs are so vivid and comforting. And, have you paid attention to the places? The sheep don’t just spend time in a valley! You’ll enjoy and greatly benefit from Dr. Kathy’s dynamic, practical, and accurate phrase-by-phrase teaching of this Psalm to live by. [Parts of this topic are included in the first retreat described below.]


Under the Influence: Who Are You Following?

We all should want to grow and mature in our faith and all aspects of life. Are we? We better pay attention to the people we’re following because we become like them. Have you discovered that? Maybe the hard way? Kathy will share a very practical and enjoyable method of regularly determining who you’re following. Through it, you’ll think uniquely about your goals and who God has given you who could help you meet them. We must not try to live in isolation! [Parts of this topic are included in the first retreat described below.]


Seminars for Moms

These topics can be used as stand-alone sessions for moms, combined for a day of training, and used as breakout sessions during retreats.


Change: Teach Them Don’t Tell Them

Are you frustrated because your children aren’t changing in ways you want them to? Dr. Kathy will help you understand several subtle attitudes and habits that make change difficult so you can decrease their effects. She’ll help you embrace the definition of “change” as “exchange” so you understand what causes improvements to more likely remain. She’ll also share relevant Scripture and demonstrate how to accurately and powerfully apply it to the change process.


Compliment and Correct to Powerfully Encourage Your Children

Compliments and corrections have the power to increase or decrease children’s confidence, self-discipline, motivation, and learning. They contribute to a culture of effort and joy or apathy and fear. They’re a very important communication and teaching tool. The value of specific and focused compliments and corrections rather than general statements will be emphasized. Differences between corrections and criticisms will also be explained and modeled. Dr. Kathy’s examples and stories will make the ideas come alive.


Focus Children’s Thinking to Improve Efficiency and Learning

Children think all the time, but they don’t necessarily think about what you want them to. Therefore, they become frustrated and less motivated. They can struggle to learn. Learn how to focus their thinking so they know what to think about, think with, and why. The practical and realistic planning model will increase your efficiency and children’s success. Ideas are relevant for all ages and content areas.


Frustrated, Perfectionistic Kids: Guiding and Changing Their Behavior

Are your children easily frustrated by their mistakes – even small ones? Do they give up too quickly when something is hard? Do they resist taking risks? Do they want everything to be easy and is getting them to put forth effort like pulling teeth? Learn what contributes to all of this and what to do. Ideas will be practical, realistic, and relevant to all ages.


Kill the Spider – Don’t Just Sweep Away the Web

Discovering roots of learning, motivation, and behavior issues is a key to helping children change. We must kill the spider and not just sweep away the web! Would you be surprised to know that every problem can be assigned to one or more of just five issues? It’s true! Come and be refreshed with this practical problem-solving approach so you can efficiently meet children’s needs with solutions that work.


Maximize the Genius Qualities in Your Children

It’s very probable that you and your children are blessed with many of the 12 genius qualities identified by studying classic geniuses of all times. You might have much in common with Edison and Einstein! Dr. Kathy will share the list of genius qualities (e.g., curiosity, playfulness, imagination). We’ll examine the list (you’ll probably be surprised), define the qualities, and consider how they might be shut down and can be encouraged in our children.


Motivation Matters: Instill Hope

Learn about common causes of motivation problems and three things children must believe in order to be motivated. Learn many practical and realistic ideas such as how to effectively use positive and negative consequences, how to compliment and correct (and not criticize), which character qualities to prioritize, and the four roles parents must play in order to increase children’s motivation to learn, succeed, and obey. Ideas will be relevant to all ages.


Strong-Willed: A Focus on Solutions

Are you raising strong-willed children who always want their way? In this practical and encouraging session, we’ll examine why strong-willed children behave the way they do. Then several strategies that can immediately improve your relationships and lead to peace will be clearly explained and demonstrated. More importantly, perhaps, strong-willed children will be more able to thrive when they learn first-time obedience through these strategies.


Technology’s Influence Over Kid’s Beliefs and Behaviors

Many children are more ungrateful and argumentative than we ever thought they’d be. Do yours complain frequently and get bored quickly? You’re not alone. Technology is powerful and helpful in many ways. Yet, it can also contribute to children’s unhealthy beliefs (e.g., I deserve to be happy), negative attitudes and character (e.g., impatience, entitlement, self-centeredness), and unwise actions (e.g., isolation, ignoring authority). Learn why this happens and practical, realistic things you can do.


 Your Child’s Brain: Learning More with the 8 Great Smarts

All children have eight intelligences that can be awakened, strengthened, and used when learning. Each smart will be defined and explained so you can determine which ones are strengths for your children and how to teach with them. Reteaching with a variety of smarts is especially effective. You’ll also learn how children might be getting into trouble through their greatest smarts and how they’re relevant to spiritual growth and career choice.


Women’s Retreats

Your women will love spending a weekend with Dr. Kathy. She will share relevant and significant content with a personable, engaging, and humorous style. There’s a depth to her teaching that mature Christians will appreciate while at the same time, new Christians and women just investigating Christianity won’t feel left out. They won’t be confused. Rather, they’ll become more curious about the things of God.

These three retreats are usually scheduled with four teaching times, but that can be adjusted to meet your needs. Dr. Kathy can supply small group discussion ideas for each session if your women spend time together discussing what they hear. She is also open to designing retreats that elaborate on one or more of the topics described earlier that you believe will be best for your women.


Fabulous Following

Many books and courses about leadership are available. It’s important, but might followership be more important? It is if you desire to be the very best woman you can be. Jesus boldly calls His disciples and all of us to “Come, follow Me.” Let’s learn how.

In the first session, Dr. Kathy will direct us in a unique and enjoyable activity that will reveal who we are following. Because we’re influenced by those around us, this matters. For example, how often have we started complaining just because those around us are? Since it’s not hard to be influenced by those around us, let’s pay more attention to who we choose to follow.

Next, we’ll discover significant truths embedded in Psalm 23 about why and how to follow Jesus – our shepherd. Verse 2 teaches us that “He leads me beside quiet waters.” And, in verse 3, we learn that “He guides me in paths of righteousness.” Why does His leadership and guidance matter today? How can we follow His lead? What’s taught in this familiar Psalm that you’ve never seen before?

In the third session, Dr. Kathy will help us discover what might be making following Christ, and others, hard. What is tripping us up? What is distracting us? In rich detail, and with a vivid illustration you won’t forget, Kathy will explain a key decision that must be made in order to fully follow Christ. This relevant and important message will meet needs wherever you are on your spiritual journey. You will be encouraged and challenged to further spiritual maturity.

This retreat will close with a deeply encouraging message about God’s love and desire to be intimately close to us. He wants us to follow Him and He makes it very possible! There are real benefits.


Got Needs? Need Hope? Rely on God!

It’s common and easy to look to ourselves, family and friends, and even our things to meet our needs. This never works. Because God created us with core needs, He must be the one to meet them. Erase doubts and gain confidence. Reject lies you might be believing and embrace transforming truths! Joy, fulfillment, and success in all aspects of life are more than possible.

We were all created with a need for security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence. We can’t place our security in our popularity, our identity in our income, our belonging in our abilities, our purpose in our fame, or our competence in our comparisons. The world’s ways don’t work.

Find out why and how God meets our needs. His solutions are permanent, not temporary. Real, not counterfeit. Complete, not partial. True, not false. Accurate, not inaccurate. Hope, not despair. And, his solutions are actually easier to rely on than any of the world’s ways.


Renew a Steadfast Spirit Within Me

Pinterest. The Real Housewives. Etsy. Pictures and videos on Facebook. The Cooking Channel. Your mother’s expectations. Your own. Are you dissatisfied and overwhelmed with much of your real life? It’s understandable. Come be renewed by God’s expectations. They’re better and more achievable than you might realize.

When we seek more of God, we’ll get more from God. We’ll find what we truly need because in Who He is and in what He does, we have all we need.

Have we learned to rely on God to renew us? We can. Renewal doesn’t come with 30 minutes of any show to relax us or any number of pages in a fiction book that we think will take us away from our struggles. True, long-lasting, life-changing renewal doesn’t happen while working on a craft project, decorating your house, or visiting with someone over a cup of coffee. Those things can refresh us. But, it’s renewal that we need.

Are you tired? God promises rest.
Are you weak? God promises strength.
Are you lonely? God promises presence.
Are you overwhelmed? God promises peace.
Are you dissatisfied? God promises change.
Are you despairing? God promises renewal. He promises Himself.

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